Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ben Altadonna Scam

“Stunning Confession Of An Elite, Street Savvy Con Man Reveals Extremely Rare Insider Secrets That Can Make You Filthy Rich… LEGALLY!!!”

As you can see by that crazy headline up there… this blog is going to be VERY different from what you are used to.

But I promise, if you read it all… and keep an open mind… in about 10 minutes you will posses the key to THE vault. The vault that contains THE answer you’ve been looking for to make your practice and your life a whole lot better.

Just about effortless.

What I’m going to reveal in this post can take any rank amateur… seriously struggling Chiropractor… and… give you more dedicated, cash-paying patients then you ever dreamt possible. If you are a polished veteran with a booming practice… you’re gonna wonder how you ever made it this far without this insider information. And, things will come much easier for you.

Believe me – - it won’t take long for the light bulb to go on inside your head once you read this.

All sensationalism aside, quite frankly…

It’s That Damn Good!

Here’s the story: Not too long ago, there was a multi-millionaire that wore an extremely large and gaudy Rolex with the name Brett Champion engraved on it. I say was, because Brett Champion no longer exists.

You see, Brett Champion was the alias of an elite con man who is now in jail — serving a 15 year sentence. Brett Champion’s real name is Steve Comisar.

Now, if you’ve heard of Steve… keep reading. I guarantee I’m going to shed a very different light on him from what you may have heard. One that will make you a lot of money. And no, this is nothing you’ll end up in the slammer for.

Why would I talk about a career con man… serving a 15 year sentence in the poky… in a blog? Good question. Here’s the answer: Because Steve Comisar knew the secret of…

How To Get People To Say Yes

And Give Him Money!

Steve is a master closer. Probably one of the best of his time. Except he had one major flaw (so major it landed him in jail… numerous times!). To understand Steve’s flaw, let me first explain the different types of salespeople and closers.

The types of salespeople: The first type knows all about the product or company he or she is trying to sell. He knows all the right answers and APPEARS to be the perfect person to convince someone to buy and make the sale. The only problem is:

He/She Can’t Sell!

This is the category most Chiropractors fall into. They know volumes about Chiropractic and getting people better… but… they can’t get anyone to give them money. And, when they do, it’s only $10-$15/visit. That’s not making the sale… that’s settling for a donation.

There are many reasons they can’t close the deal. The biggest one is they just don’t have the “magic” Steve Comisar has. But, just like all the magic you see on t.v., Steve’s magic has a logical explanation. So don’t worry, you’ll soon discover how to acquire this magic for yourself.

The second type is a little better then the first. They vaguely understand what is going on and can close some sales (or patients). But, their results are very sporadic. The Chiropractors that fall into this category do pretty well… but… are always worried about where their next patient is coming from and keeping their numbers where they are. They have to work very hard just to keep things the way they are. They never, as Jim Morrison would say…

Break On Through

To The Other Side!

The third type is the master closer. This guy (or gal) really has it. They understand all the psychological principles of selling and closing. They understand their customer (in your case the patient) and know exactly what to say to push all their emotional hot buttons. This master closer uses every possible tool to solve any problem and overcome any objection almost any buyer (or patient) may have. He or she is deadly at closing the sale… getting people to say yes and give him money…. and then follow his directions.

Steve Comisar was the third type…

Listen… and listen closely to what Steve did in a very short period of time:

It is estimated that Steve made over $10 million. That’s a pretty good income for, what I can gather, only a few years of work. But, that’s not the amazing part. Nope. The amazing part is how Steve did it.

Check this out:

Steve Used To Call People On The Phone

And Ask Them For The Money!

That’s right. Steve would cold-call people and tell them he had a great investment they could make a lot of money on. And, a lot of people gave money. $10 million dollars worth.

But there’s an even more amazing part: Steve told the people he was calling the minimum investment was $50,000 (He told others it was $30,000) and from what I read, Steve closed one out of every twenty calls! This guy was able to get between $30,000 – $50,000 out of 5% of everyone he cold-called.

Ya think Stevie-boy knows a little something about getting people to say yes and give him money that you don’t know… but should? Ya think you can learn a little somethin’ that can help you get more patients and make more money from the rest of this newsletter now?

Sure you can.

Why is it Mr. Comisar can get 5% of everyone he talks to on the phone (never meeting them in person) to send him a check for $30,000 -$50,000 and many Chiropractors can’t pay back their student loans… much less create wealth?

It all lies in Steve’s ability to sell and close a sale.

Here’s something that’s gonna shock most of you:

The Only Difference Between A Con Man

And A Legitimate Business Man Is …

What’s the big lie? In Steve’s case it was the fact that there was no investment. There was nothing at all. Just a scam to take people’s money. If there was an investment, everything he did would have been ok.

Actually, pure genius salesmanship.

All Steve had to do to be an honest millionaire was have a product that (besides existing) actually worked. The same exact techniques would have brought in the same checks… and… Steve would be sippin’ martini’s in the Bahamas right now instead of making license plates or whatever they do in the big house these days. (He’s probably getting a FREE law degree!)

Here’s a funny story to get away from all this jail talk. At least I think it’s funny…

The first time Steve got in trouble it was for an ad he ran that advertised a solar powered clothes drier for only $49.00. Some of the copy read:

“Scientifically Proven, Space Age Method… Using Only The Power Of The Sun.” Everyone that sent him a check for $49.00 was promptly mailed a…


I know – I know… that’s horrible. It always amazes me the lengths some people will go to… to commit a crime… when doing the right thing would actually be easier.

Anyway, back to how Steve did it.

Pay close attention to what I’m gonna tell you here… this is one of the most important things you are ever going to learn:

Steve says everyone is a dreamer. And, all you have to do is figure out what that persons dream is and promise you are going to make that dream come true. In the hands of a con man – people’s own dreams become their downfall. Sad.

But, in the hands of a legitimate business person…

People’s Dreams Become Reality!

See, as a Chiropractor, you have the ability to make peoples dreams come true. You may not know it…. but you do.

Listen: The biggest mistake just about every Chiropractor makes is trying to SELL Chiropractic. I’ve got a news flash for ya — Nobody wants Chiropractic! That’s right… not one single person on the face of this earth wants Chiropractic. Not me… and… not even YOU.

I sure as hell don’t want to take the time out of my busy day and drive a half an hour to go see my Chiropractor. And, here’s a shocker…I don’t want to get adjusted. I’d much rather be doing at least a hundred different things. But I do. And I do it at least once a week. Wanna know why I take all that time to do something I think is a serious pain in the butt? I do it because of…

All The Enjoyment I Would Lose

In My Life If I Didn’t Do It

For example… I love to work out, run, and walk my English Mastiff Stella. If I can’t work out I’m absolutely miserable. If I don’t get adjusted… I can’t workout. Therefore, following simple logic, if I don’t get adjusted… I’m miserable.

Here’s the big lesson in all that:

And, it’s gonna get some of you mad. I’m a Chiropractor. I know and believe 100% in maintenance care. But, if I didn’t get symptoms that stopped me from doing something that I love… I wouldn’t see my Chiropractor as much as I do. Not NEARLY a much.

What really motivates me is the fear of loss. The fear of losing what makes me happy… loosing my dreams.

Now, my Chiropractor didn’t link those two together… the adjustments and my dreams… but… they were pretty obvious to me. But, to most people they aren’t. And, if you aren’t connecting the dots for them… they will never get it. Not in a million years.

Know this: Everyone who comes in to see you is ONLY there because there is something standing in the way of their dreams… and… they think you can remove that obstacle. They have a problem they hope you can solve.

Did you get what I just said? They are NOT looking for an education on Chiropractic philosophy. They don’t want to know what a subluxation is… neither the straight or mixer version. The only thing they want to know is if…

You Have The Answer To Their Problem

And Can Make Their Dreams A Reality

That’s it. You may want more out of the relationship… but… I assure you – they don’t. And, since they are doing the paying, what they want matters a whole heck of a lot more then what you what.

You’re job is to find out what that prospects dreams are… what’s stopping them from coming true… and convince them that you have the solution. That is… of course… if you really do have the solution.

Here’s an example: This is a real example from one of my members. A very good member.

A new patient comes in for a free EMG and evaluation from a carpal tunnel report. From the first impression, the patient looks pretty poor. After he fills out the paper work, it is revealed he is from a not-so-nice part of town. My member’s associate doctor doesn’t even want to give the patient the time of day because he doesn’t have insurance and there is no way his guy can pay.

My member knows different. He knows that people pay for what they want… not what they need. He knows people will pay you handsomely if you can help them fulfill their dreams.


Most of the consultation had nothing to do with Chiropractic. It was solely geared towards ferreting out this guy’s hopes and dreams. He cleverly asked questions that led this patient to open up and reveal why he was really there… in his own words.

Once this member knew exactly what this guy’s hopes and dreams were, he did the EMG and examination and sent him home. The next day, the entire recommended action plan was built around showing this guy how following the treatment plan was going to give him exactly what he wanted. He even repeated his own words back to him from the previous day.

This guy, who lives “on the other side of the tracks” and looked like he couldn’t afford lunch…

Happily Wrote Out A

Check For $2,250!

Let me repeat… people pay for what they want and what makes their dreams come true. They do NOT pay for what you think they need. And, they don’t pay for what you think they want. It has to actually be what THEY want.

Don’t kid yourself… you don’t know what most people want. When you ask the right questions, you’ll be surprised to find out that a lot of people don’t want what you think they want… they don’t want to get out of pain. Or, don’t just want to get out of pain. There is something more important.

That’s the hidden benefit you must find.

The guy in the example above didn’t want to get out of pain. He wouldn’t have paid $10… much less over two-thousand bucks… to get out of pain. No, he wanted something else and my astute member figured it out. That’s why he happily paid $2,250.

He paid $2,250 for the hidden benefit.

Now here’s where the con comes in… or… doesn’t come in. What my member did in the example above is a con if… and only if…

he doesn’t do what he said he was going to do. If he comes through…. and gives that patient what he promised… that $2,250 is the biggest bargain in the world to that guy.

I’d gladly pay $2,250 to live out one of my dreams… wouldn’t you? We both know we would give a whole heck of a lot more. And, so will most people. That’s why you have to find out why your patients are really coming to see you. If you do… you’ll see a lot of smiling faces writing out those $2,000, $3,000 & $5,000 checks.

If you try to convince them why they should or need to be under Chiropractic care… you’re gonna get a lot of blank stares and $10 visits.

Get this… this is crucial. In fact take out a piece of paper and write this down… it will make you rich:

Peoples dreams usually fall into three categories: Greed, loneliness and the desire to be a hero. Either one can be used effectively in marketing. They are all very powerful. In this case, Steve used greed.

So, the greedy ones stayed on the line. At that point the real magic began…

Instead of chasing the prospect and trying to convince him or her (usually him) to act, Steve would start to pull away. He would say things like, “Naturally, we’d have to make sure you qualify for the offer. Only a select few investors do. I’m sure you understand.”

Do you see what he is doing? It’s the most powerful (and underutilized) sales technique… takeaway selling. You make the initial enticement… provide a little peek… and then yank it out of reach. This turns the table on the prospect and makes them chase you. It’s simple…

People Want What They Can’t Have

Or Perceive They Can’t Have

The most important thing is: by creating the takeaway, prospects start to talk themselves into the deal. As the prospect is thinking himself into deal, Steve creates urgency by throwing in a line like, “I don’t know how long this offer will last… shares are going fast… it might be gone by tomorrow.” That’s when the prospect bit.

I bet you don’t think there is anything you can use here to get more patients and make more money, do you? You are VERY wrong.

What you have just read gives you a very good template to follow to having a stable and profitable practice. A practice where people actually seek you out and try like heck to “qualify” and convince you they are worthy to be accepted as a patient.

All you have to do is set up takeaway selling in your office. Stop chasing prospects… or at least make it LOOK like you aren’t chasing them…. and… start making them jump through hoops and qualify before they can see you. Usually, the more hoops you make them jump through… the better.

Then, once they have jumped through hoops and qualified and are in front of you… find out what they really want and show them how you can give it to them. Once again, the more hoops you make someone jump through to get to you, the less likely they are to say no once they reach you. The more accessible you are, the less they value you and your time and are very likely to turn you down.

If you want to dramatically change your practice and your life… re-read this blog, take notes… and… start making the changes tomorrow!